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Frozen shoulder is a common condition which is characterised by pain in the shoulder with stiffness and restricted range of motion. It can be related to trauma or happens within the course of some diseases particularly with Diabetes and viral inflammatory diseases. Women are predominantly affected particularly in the age group 40-50 years old.

The diagnosis a frozen shoulder is mainly made on clinical examination after taking detailed history and the hallmark of frozen shoulder is limited external rotation which is also seen in severe osteoarthritis of the shoulder.

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We treat frozen shoulder conservatively to start with anti-inflammatory medications and physiotherapy which consists of gentle and regular stretching. Sometimes, we can inject steroids within the joint to reduce inflammation although conservative treatment tend to be prolonged and disturbing due to the ongoing pain.

The surgical treatment of frozen shoulder is indicated when significant pain and limited range of motion are present with failure of Conservative management and this is usually carried out using shoulder arthroscopy technique with manipulation of the shoulder joint and release of the adhesions within the shoulder joint

Frozen shoulder is a very common problem and most of the cases I came across was ended up with full resolution and recovery to most of the functional activities with no long term significant effects unless there is an associated pathology. 

Arthroscopic treatment package for frozen shoulder is available via this link.

Dubai Shoulder Clinic at DRHC provides shoulder arthroscopy, shoulder surgery and treatment for shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, dislocated shoulder, shoulder impingement and so on.