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PEG - Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy in Dubai at DRHC


This procedure, percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) is done using the gastroscope. Its purpose is to insert a feeding tube through the skin straight into the stomach for effective nutrition purposes. This summary will give you a basic understanding of the procedure - how it's performed, how it can help, and what the side effects are.

How it is performed?

Using a flexible tube called a gastroscope, which is inserted through the mouth into the stomach. A small puncturing catheter is used to make a tiny opening through the skin of the upper abdomen and directly into the stomach. The feeding tube is then fitted and fastened. Prior to the treatment, patients are usually given an intravenous sedative and local anesthesia, as well as an antibiotic by vein. Patients can generally return home the same day or the very next day after this procedure is carried out.


  • Difficulties in swallowing, (esophageal diseases, neurological diseases, post-traumas)
  • Recurrent respiratory aspirations
  • Problems with their appetite or an inability to take adequate nutrition through the mouth


Following the surgery, a dressing is applied over the PEG site. For the first 48 hours, avoid getting any water on the dressing. Start using it the day after insertion. After that, the spot must be cleaned once a day with diluted soap and water and kept dry. There is no need for any additional dressing or covering.

We can keep it for several months or years (as much as needed). However, it may need to be replaced due to plugs or if it is no longer functional. Although sedation and endoscopy are sometimes used, the doctor can readily remove or replace a tube without the use of sedatives or anesthetic. The doctor will use hard traction to remove the tube and either introduce a replacement tube or close the opening if it is no longer needed. Because the PEG site closes quickly once the tube is removed, accidental dislodgment necessitates immediate treatment.

How to use it?

Through the PEG tube, special liquid nutritional formulations (balanced in calories and content quality), as well as fluids are administered. If there are no medical contraindications to oral feeding, the patient can continue to eat and drink; the passage is not disconnected.


  • Complications are rare but can occur:
  • Pain at the PEG site,
  • Leakage of stomach contents around the tube site,
  • Dislodgment or malfunction of the tube.
  • Infection of the PEG site,
  • Aspiration (inhalation of gastric contents into the lungs),
  • Bleeding and perforation (unintentional hole in the bowel wall)

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