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Biofibre Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai

Hair transplant or implants has advanced significantly over the last 10 year aiming for effective results and no down time procedure, thank you for the biofibre technique which allows both doctors and patients to reach their target. 

  • Biofibre Hair Transplant - is a simple and effective cosmetic procedure suitable at any age stage with an immediate result and controlled quantity of hair implants.
  • We are proud to be the pioneer of the Biofibre technique in Dubai and middle east region after 30 years of trials. 

The Biofibre Hair Transplant has been approved by FDA and CE for medical use.

  • The technique is suitable for both men and women, without any age or medical restriction, it is ideal for all types hair loss especially total alopecia, burns or after chemotherapy.
  • The procedure is done under local anaesthesia without any wounds with one by one hair implantation in the desired area.

Advantages of Hair Implantation method we use:

  • Safe and Effective biocompatible products and Method ;
  • Quick and Painless Procedure ;
  • Immediate Result ;
  • Soft procedure Technique ;
  • Quick Recovery with no down time ;
  • High Hair Density (up to 1000 hair per hour) ;
  • Hair Not Turn White After Time and Not Aging ;
  • No time off work

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How It Is Done?

  • Hair Implant by biofibre technique is a safe, aesthetic procedure performed by expert doctors using special instrument which inserts the hair one by one in the scalp under the local anaesthsea pain free with no limit on the density required.
  • Biofibre hair transplant is biocompatible artificial hair which the same look of natural hair and can be of the same colour, thickness, and texture of the natural hair and also of different length length (from 15 -45 cm) 

The immediate post-implant care includes local and general antibiotics treatment for 5-6 days.

After the implant of Biofibre Artificial Hair, patient should follow a proper hygiene and a proper after care as advised by the doctor who carried out the procedure.

Further Implant Sessions can be performed after 3 – 4 weeks on the same area of the scalp and after 1-2 weeks on different area. 

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