Use it when you need it

Snap on smile is the quickest way to achieve that Hollywood smile you always dreamed off. Snap on smile is considered a more cost-effective alternative in comparison with veneers and Lumineers®. It is thin, durable, strong and having the appearance of the natural teeth. It is strong enough that you could eat during wearing it , then remove it to clean it and brush your teeth.

Snap on smile is made of hi-tech porcelain which makes it thin but strong enough to withstand the forces of mastication. All that without having to sacrifice your natural tooth structure, it is removable and fits directly over your teeth.

What can it be used for ?

  1. A cost-effective Hollywood smile, quickly and without drilling your tooth
  2. Correction of gaps, discolored and crooked teeth
  3. Old patients with systemic diseases who are missing a tooth or those with not enough bone to place and support dental implants
  4. People wearing a partial denture, can use the snap on smile to replace his missing teeth and have a perfect and more beautiful smile

How is a snap on smile done at the best dental clinic in Dubai ?

Only 2 simple visits :

First visit: a smile assessment is done by our cosmetic dentist where photographs will be taken, extra-orally and intra-orally, where we use these photos to create a smile on a computer software after creating a smile you like. After that, you and the dentist are going to choose the color of your snap on smile teeth that both you and the doctor approve. It should match to your hair, skin color to have a great look.

After selecting the right shade an impression will be taken and sent to one of the best dental labs in the region whom will fabricate your new removable Hollywood Smile.

Second Visit: After the dental lab has completed the fabrication of your new smile, it is tested and checked for the proper fitting and design and then our cosmetic dentist will check the occlusion before sending you home with a perfect new smile.