Dental Clinic in Dubai - Lumineers

Dental Clinic in Dubai - Lumineers

 A Lens on a Teeth 

Lumineers® is considered as a cosmetic dental procedure at the Dental Department at Dr. Rami Hamed Center.  In order to give you that perfect, Hollywood smile you always wanted to have.

But what is Lumineers® and what’s the difference between Lumineers®and veneers?

Both Lumineers® and veneers will lead into creating a perfect smile by giving your teeth the perfect shape, size and color. But the main difference between both are that the Lumineers® does not require grinding of tooth structure in most of the case unlike veneers which will requires grinding and preparation of your tooth.  So basically, Lumineers® is a painless effective way to achieve the smile you always dreamt off.

The reason behind no grinding or preparation of your tooth is because of the Lumineers® thickness. The Lumineer® is about 0.2 mm and is highly translucent allowing it to perfectly replicate the natural appearance of the tooth. The greatest thing about Lumineers® is that even it has a lens like thickness it is made up of special materials with unique strength and durability assuring you a long lasting perfect smile for more than 20 years without any change occurring to your Lumineers®.

 We will raise your hopes and gain your trust 

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The easiest and simplest way to transform your smile is in 2 simple visits.

Yes, it only takes 2 visits here at the best dental clinic in Dubai to completely transform your smile and make your dream come true.


First visit:

It begins with smile assessment , in which extra-oral & intra-oral photographs are taken to design your perfect smile with the help of a computer software allowing us to create a predicted results, and allow you to interfere and change anything in order to create a better smile for you. After that an impression will be made for your upper and lower teeth and then sent with the proper shade and the proper smile design into on of the best-authorized labs in the world Lumineers®. There is no need for a temporary restoration cause no grinding was done to your teeth.

 Second Visit :

In the second visit, our dentist will try your newly arrived Lumineers® to assure its accurate fit and that it’s exactly the same as the design you agreed and loved. Before fixing and bonding the Lumineer into your teeth, both Lumineer and teeth are etched with acid to roughen the surface of both teeth and the inner surface of lumineers® then bonding agent is applied and the Lumineers® are securely fixed into your teeth.

 Why are we at the dental department at Dr.Rami Hamed Center considered the best dental clinic in Dubai performing Lumineers® ?

There are many reasons for that, one of them is the smile assessment procedure we do before performing any alteration into your smile and allowing you to get involved  when creating your smile. Another one is the authorized Dental lab we deal with whom is the authorized dental lab for Lumineers® assuring you a long lasting perfect smile .


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