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Ulnar Nerve Problems

What they are and how to treat them efficiently?

  • The ulnar nerve is the peripheral nerve that runs from the axilla down to their little finger.
  • It is responsible for controlling motion and sensation in some of the major muscles within the forearm and the hand.
  • There are two main types of ulnar nerve problems that can cause major dysfunction and should be subject to proper check-up and treatment to prevent further complications. These two common problems are discussed below: 

    Ulnar Nerve Palsy

    • Ulnar nerve palsy is a condition wherein the patients suffer from loss of sensation and experience muscle weakness related to the dysfunction of the ulnar nerve.
    • The condition also affects the ability of the individuals to make fine movements, weakness in the grip, pain, and tingling sensation. 
    • In the most severe cases, the condition can lead to muscle wastage or atrophy, which can lead to claw hand appearance.
    • This condition can result from any damage caused to the nerve bundle due to injury, illness or prolonged pressure.
    • In such cases, the doctors might suggest surgery to rectify the problem and enable functional improvements  to the arm and hand.claw-hand-due-to-trapped-ulnar-nerve

   Ulnar Nerve Entrapment

    • This condition results when the ulnar nerve becomes mildly compressed and is entrapped around the elbow region.
    • Even though the problem is in the elbow area, it deeply affects the hand and fingers, because the nerve bundle controls their movement and sensation.
    • The condition causes tingling and numbness in the little and ring fingers, especially at night. It also causes numbness in the elbow when it is bent and the patients also face difficulty with hand co-ordination. 
    • The condition is mostly age related due to inflammation of the nerve, or due to a fracture or dislocation of the elbow.
    • There are no non-surgical methods available for treating this condition, and most individuals might be advised surgery by their doctors.ulnar-nerve-entrapment-pic
  • The timely treatment of the above two ulnar nerve problems can save the individuals from a lot of pain and discomfort.
  • It is advisable for the individuals to approach Orthopedics professionals, in case they experience any of the above symptoms after suffering from an elbow injury or even if they have no history of injury.
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