What is against an implant treatment?

What is against an implant treatment?

Implant treatment is not always possible. A requirement is always a sufficient thickness of the existing jaw bone. Also, some diseases can exclude treatment with implants.

This includes untreated periodontal disease (inflammatory reducing of the surrounding of the teeth) and untreated or poorly adjusted diabetes mellitus. Treatment might be also prohibited disorders of blood coagulation and wound healing, in certain bone disorders, serious general diseases,  immune weaknesses, drug or drug abuse, and sometimes psychiatric disorders. You can book an appointment and have a consultation with our best dentist in Dubai who will advise you accordingly.

Smoking could be also against implant treatment. In the case of smokers, there might be some complication in the healing of an implant compared with non-smokers. Very good oral hygiene is also determining treatment success. You need to clean the teeth and the implants regularly and properly. Poor oral hygiene might be therefore also against an implant treatment.


In addition to certain illnesses, smoking and poor oral hygiene could be the cause of implant failure.

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