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 Child dentist in dubai - kids complete dental rehabilitation 

Your child may be suffering from a multiple dental carries and mouth infection which require multiple visits to the dentist consuming time and effort and costing a lot of money. DRHC has one of the Best dental clinic in Dubai.

We designed the solution for you. Our elite pediatric dentist, Dr Borhan El-Eter, runs a complete dental care programme for your child.  It starts with the original consultation in which he will assess the mouth fully and may request a dental x-ray to plan his treatment. DRHC has the best child dentist in Dubai who offers the dental treatment in Dubai.

The treatment can be simple and done on 1-2 clinic visits in addition to preventive dental advice. However, the situation may be more complex with multiple treatments required. Hence we offer the complete dental rehabilitation packages as detailed below:

Consultation package: 700 AED, this includes the clinical examination and full oral radiology investigation.

Complete Dental rehabilitation packages: 

Basic care Package: 15,000 AED.

Advanced package: 18,000 AED.

The packages include:

- General anaesthsia package.

- Day stay accommodation.

- All required dental treatment.

- All required dental materials.

- All required dental prosthesis.

- Follow up consultation.

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