Farha Hanif

Farha Mohamed Hanif

Clinical and Pediatric Audiologist

Education: Bachelors in Speech and Hearing

Masters in Audiology (University of Southampton)

Member of the British Society of Audiology

Speciality: Advanced Hearing Diagnostics and Rehabilitation in Newborns, Infants and Children

About Farha Mohamed Hanif:

Farha Mohamed Hanif is a Clinical Audiologist in Dubai, working in Dubai Health Care City, with 8 years of experience in Diagnostic and Rehabilitative Audiology across all ages, with Special interest Balance & Vestibular medicine.

Her passion lies in early identification and management of hearing and speech related issues to aid and maximize the chances of a wholesome development, education, vocation and normal life in individuals. She believes that every child or individual should be given equal opportunity to develop and excel in life, and any deviation from normal health should never be a hindrance, with timely support.

Ms. Farha qualified from University of Mysore, India in Speech and Hearing. She further specialized in Audiology at the University of Southampton.

Ms. Farha has conducted various workshops for teachers to spread awareness on Speech and Hearing disorders, given talks at special schools like Rashid pediatric Center and international conferences like ME-Otology. She has conducted and participated in free screening camps for Hearing and Speech disorders.


  • Infant Hearing Screening
  • Assessment and Management Of Hearing Loss (Children & Adults)
  • Auditory Verbal Therapy for Hearing Impaired
  • Assessment and Management Of Tinnitus
  • Assessment and Management Of Balance Disorders

Services Provided

  • Hearing Screening (Neonates to Adults)
  • Pure Tone Audiometry
  • Conditioned Play, Visual Reinforcement, Picture select Audiometry
  • Tympanometry
  • Acoustic Reflex Threshold
  • Screening & Diagnostic Otoacoustic Emissions (TEOAE & DPOAE)
  • Basic Vestibular Assessment
  • Tinnitus Assessment & Management 

Professional Affiliations

  • Member of the British Society of Audiology
  • Member of the Rehabilitation Council of India
  • Member of the Indian Speech and Hearing Association

Special Interests 

  • AVT for Hearing Impaired (CI and HA users)
  • Pediatric Assessment
  • Vestibular Assessment and Management


*hearing aids, speech therapy, tinnitus management


Dear Dr Hamed, I just wanted to thank you for the way your clinic looked after our Australian Under 23 player. Everyone at the clinic was very professional and polite. The facility you have there is fantastic. I appreciated also you coming and introducing yourself. If we have any further player requirements we will be sure to be using your wonderful facility. Kind regards Marc Cesana Australian Under 23 Team Doctor
_ Marc Cesana
Slamualikum dear Mughnia , I came up with very unpleasant pain and many unpredictable surprises that my teeth were concerned, in your clinic . Now I would like to warmly thank you for the wonderful and professional dental treatment . You have taken a lot of time to the treatments carried out thoroughly and conscientiously can . Furthermore, I remain with best regards from Old – Cold – Germany
_ Dental Patient