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Dr. Talal Kordi

General Dentist

Education: DDS, MSc, CAGS

Speciality: General Dentist

About Dr. Talal Kordi

Dr. Talal Kordi is a General Dentist highly specialized in aesthetic and cosmetic treatments with over 4 years of experience in comprehensive dental fields such as Oral Surgery, Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Periodontics, Pediatric, and Operative Dentistry

Dr. Talal graduated from Ajman University with DDS (Doctor in Dental Surgery) degree and has earned his Aesthetic & Restorative Diploma from BARD (British Academy of Restorative Dentistry) in Manchester-UK and Mastership in Dental Lasers from Aachen University in Aachen-Germany.

He has trained undergraduate students of Ajman University in dental anatomy and fixed/removable prosthodontics and participated in all events held by the university and associated partners.

Dr. Talal always stays tuned with the latest dental innovations, conferences, hands-on courses, and annual events. He prioritizes patients’ needs and cares to achieve ultimate satisfaction and treatment quality.

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Scope of services:

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