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Dr. Heitham Ajlouni

Consultant Endocrinologist

M.D. Specialist Endocrinology

Specialty: Endocrinology

Dr. Heitham Ajlouni

Dr. Ajlouni is US Board Certified both in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism. Dr. Ajlouni is a member of the American College of Endocrinology and the American Diabetes Association.

Dr. Ajlouni did his training in Internal Medicine in New Jersey and in Endocrinology at the University Hospital Case Medical Center in Ohio, USA. Before Joining our team, Dr. Ajlouni worked as a Lead Endocrinologist at Lee Health System in Florida. Dr. Ajlouni believes that can help his patients best by providing an evidence-based and individualized treatment approach. He educates patients about their endocrine disorders and treatment options so they feel empowered to take an active part in their health care.

Dr. Ajlouni is excited to see a wide variety of Endocrine Problems, some being common chronic conditions Like Diabetes and obesity which have a huge impact on an individual and community level. Dr. Ajlouni enjoys building long-term relationships with his patients by supporting them through various stages of their illness. He looks forward to making a positive impact on patient quality of life by providing the best possible care delivered in a safe, professional, and personalized way.

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Dr Heitham's Sub-Specialties

Metabolic Syndrome

At DRHC Dubai, we provide specialized care for metabolic syndrome, a cluster of conditions that increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Our expert team offers comprehensive evaluations and personalized treatment plans to manage high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol levels. With a focus on lifestyle modification, medication management, and preventive strategies, we help patients improve their overall health and reduce the risk of serious complications.

Osteoporosis Screening and Treatment

At DRHC Dubai, we offer comprehensive osteoporosis screening and advanced treatment options to safeguard bone health. Our specialized services include bone density testing, tailored treatment plans, and lifestyle recommendations to prevent fractures and manage osteoporosis effectively. With a focus on early detection and personalized care, our expert team ensures that patients receive the best possible outcomes and support for maintaining strong and healthy bones.

Gestational Diabetes

DRHC Dubai provides specialized care for gestational diabetes, a condition that develops during pregnancy and requires careful management to ensure the health of both mother and baby. Our expert team offers comprehensive screening, personalized management plans, and ongoing support to monitor blood sugar levels and minimize risks. Through dietary guidance, regular monitoring, and if necessary, medication, we strive to optimize maternal health and fetal outcomes.

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