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Our Dubai Urology clinic offers comprehensive approach to urinary tract infection management including high caliber experienced doctors and full radiological and laboratory facility.  

Urinary tract infections account for many hospital admissions, most often for pyelonephritis (infection in the Kidney) where infection in the kidney parenchyma damage the kidney function and can spread to the blood stream causing septicemia on serious occasions if not treated appropriately. Consult or urologist for uti medicine in dubai.

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Ladies had a greater frequency than in men due to anatomical reasons. There is increased risk of infection following using urinary bladder catheter or instrumentation. The urinary infection is generally caused by gram negative bacteria in most of the cases.

Infection can be an ascending infection from the outside via the urinary tract. Also infection from blood stream can be the cause.

Classification of urological infections

  • UTIs and infections of the male genital tract are classified according to the predominant clinical symptoms
  • Uncomplicated lower Urinary Tract Infection (cystitis-bladder infection)
  • Uncomplicated pyelonephritis (Kidney Infection)
  • Complicated Urinary Tract Infection, with or without pyelonephritis
  • Urosepsis (generalized UTI)
  • Urethritis, (infection in the Urethra)
  • Male genital infection: prostatitis, epididymitis and orchitis (testicular infection)

The clinical presentation and treatment of different types of urinary tract infection varies on patient age and condition.


Dubai Urology Clinic - DRHC offers urinary tract infection treatment in dubai . Consult our urologist for frequent urination treatment in dubai.

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