Spine Hospital Dubai

Spine Hospital Dubai

Scoliosis Treatment is always a balance between cause, severity of case, age, neurological status, analysis of natural history, and available resources.

Detailed past medical history is the start point analyzing the factors related to family history, when the scoliosis first noticed, other diseases related to scoliosis formation from which information will be gathered for optimal scoliosis treatment decision.

Once history  taking is complete, the scoliosis doctor will proceed to examine the patient to

identify the cause, location, severity, and flexibility of the curve, and also to check on the current growth stage and expected future growth. all these factors are important to decide whether the scoliosis treatment will be conservative or surgical. the analysis of each case is complex procedure to be explained in details here but the main aim of the scoliosis doctor is: Get Free Consultation

to identify the cases which do not respond to conservative treatment like congenital scoliosis.

identify the cases which is likely to progress badly if not treated surgically due to being part of general soft tissue disorder or part of a particular syndrome.    

identify the cases of idiopathic scoliosis and determine the growth stage, curve magnitude. 

conservative scoliosis treatment :

conservative treatment is considered in cases of minimal magnitude, no structural scoliosis, cases which is not expected to progress. the conservative treatment include: advice, physical activities, physical therapy, and bracing in some cases.

Surgical scoliosis treatment :

Surgical treatment is considered in most cases of non compensating congenital scoliosis, early onset scoliosis, syndromic scoliosis, neuromuscular scoliosis, and idiopathic scoliosis more than 40 degrees particularly around the peak growth velocity period.  

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