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Dubai Sport Injury Clinic - We are delighted to offer the middle east region our extensive 25 years of experience in sport injuries and orthopedic surgery. Our education and practices are gained in the top excellency centers in UK which is well known for the advanced techniques in this particular field.

With highly advanced and up to date medical facility at Dr Rami Hamed center, we apply the latest internationally approved techniques in arthroscopic sport injuries surgery and ligaments and cartilage reconstruction.  

The sport injuries service covers all aspects of soft tissue and bone and joints disorders in both upper and lower limbs as well as spine inclusive of sport physiotherapy specialist (sport physiotherapist).


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Dr. Rami Hamed Center Radiology Department

DRHC Sport injuries Department cover almost all aspects of sport injuries and Medicine including upper and lower extremities injuries as well as spinal injuries. Our department is supported by a state of the art radiology services including digital x-ray, MRI scan, CT scan, and bone density scan for adequate management.

What is more? We provide complete Musculoskeletal ultrasound services allowing interventional procedures under local anesthesia without the need for many conventional surgeries. 




  • Great Medical Center with excellent medical service.I was for procedure in cosmetology departments and laser session.I like at all and will follow this center for all type medical service! Thanks for trained staff and Dr.Mughnia for injection procedure.
    Buschak Natascha
    Cosmetology Patient
  • Very nice Medical Center with professional doctors.
    I had problems with the spine,I could not walk.I had surgery with Dr.Rami Hamed 14 of July and next day at morningI got up on my feet and start walk,forget about any pain.
    Unbelievable!!! I so thanks for Dr.Rami for his professionalism and knowledge. Im very grateful and recommend for every one who have any orthopedic case problems.
    Aminova Delafruz
    -  Orhopedics Patient
  • I have done major spinal surgery on June 1st 2016 and after 1 month I am moving normally الحمدلله and no more pain.
    I highly appricaite the excellent medical service of Dr Ramy Hamed together with his accommodating and helpful medical staff .
    I can vouch that Dr Ramy Hamed is GOD gifted surgeon.
    I highly recommend Dr Ramy Hamed .
    Shahzad Adnan
    -  Orhopedics Patient
  • Thanks a million to Dr Rami Hamed, he operated surgery on my mother ( Bales, (28/07/2016), a truly gentlemen and a knowledgeable Doctor, may Allah (SWT) grant you success in what you do, and make it easy for u! Definitely recommended to all those patients those are going through spine and bone problems! Once again Thank You Dr Rami!
    Suhail Sagheer
    -  Orhopeidcs Patient
  • Great medical center with all type professional doctors!
    Specially Dr.Rami Hamed - amazing, just royal orthopedist,all type of orthopedic surgery doctor.
    I can recommend only Dr.Rami Hamed medical center
    Наталия Шадура
    -  Orhopeidcs Patient

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Our team of expert doctors and surgeons at Dr Rami Hamed centre are  committed  for advanced evidence based medical practices.


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