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The Foundation of the tooth - Periodontists in Dubai

Every great thing in the world needs to have a proper foundation,and any modification or adjustment is done later to that properly founded structure will be considered great. Here your tooth is that structure and periodontics are the foundations, You can't have that great amazing smile without that proper foundation. DRHC has one of the Best dental clinic in Dubai

At the Dental Department of Dr Rami Hamed Center we understand that the road to a perfect gum and teeth doesn't start in the clinic but at your own home, Through our professional guidance & motivation and our intervention when you are in need of it, we will provide you with the best treatment.

This intervention can vary from a simple cleaning of the root into more complicated surgery when that foundation is at risk and you are about to lose your teeth. Our  aim and goal are saving your teeth, making it function properly and giving you a healthy looking smile and gum.

Book An AppointmentBut what about these foundations? The tooth is anchored to the bone of the jaw with multiple supporting structures these structures are considered the foundation in which will allow the tooth to properly function, and have that healthy looking smile  

The main reason for tooth loss is periodontal and gum disease, such as gingivitis or periodontitis and as everyone known there is nothing as your natural tooth and nothing will function like it. So prevent your teeth from being a victim to periodontal diseases and save it with a visit to our periodontists here at the best dental clinic in Dubai.


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