Breast Unit at Dr. Rami Hamed Center

We have two kinds of prevention for the breast cancer, the primary and the secondary.

Primary Prevention

The primary prevention is by asking the women to follow a healthy lifestyle in the way that she - 

  • should be active and do daily exercise
  • follows plant based diet like vegetables and fruits that contain a lot of antioxidants and Omega 3
  • the patient should watch her weight, not to get obese

Secondary Prevention

The secondary prevention is by doing a mammogram once a year after the age of 40. This will discover breast cancer at least two years before it is discovered clinically either by the doctor or by the patient. The next thing is by giving Tamoxifen. This is an anti-estrogen drug and if she has breast cancer that is sensitive to estrogen and progesterone the best thing for this patient to avoid recurrence is to give her Tamoxifen for five years and then shift her to aromatase inhibitor if she is menopausal also for five years. This will prevent breast cancer from recurrence in at least 50%. 


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