Breast Unit at Dr. Rami Hamed Center 

This is very essential to every woman to know how to do it because she can discover early lesions and save her life. Actually the cure of breast cancer is in the hands of the patient herself. She should be aware of her breast that’s really mandatory for every woman. She should not be scared because many women are scared to put their hands on the breast. If she first encourages herself to put her hand and palpates her breast she will know or be aware of her normal breast so that in the future if anything appears like any abnormality or mass, she will immediately notice it. So I advise every woman to check her breast once a month after she finishes her period. First she needs to stand in the mirror and raise her arms up and look for any asymmetry in her breast looking for any lumps or any disfiguration in the appearance of the breast then she should lay down and put pillow under her left shoulder and palpate the left breast with her right hand starting from 12 o’clock axis in clock wise motion, she should use her palmar aspect of her finger and gently rotate the fingers in small circles on the breast tissue with light to moderate pressure so as to feel all the tissues of her breast. After she completes the all-around exam of the left breast she needs to do the same on the right side with her left hand.

It is adviceable to do the breast self examination in a lying down position and not in a sitting or standing postion. 

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In addition to the breast she should feel the nipple and presses a little bit on it to see if there is any secretion coming out on it. She should put her hand in her armpit and tries to feel if there is any palpable nodes. 


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