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At Dr Rami Hamed Center, we extend our caring hand to those who are living in pain. You will simply feel the difference when you visit us because your problem will be assessed thoroughly and investigated fully with the help of the latest radiological technology which support our Dubai Orthopedics clinic and made the most advanced one stop Orthopedics clinic in Dubai. This is where we are different; our specialist team of doctors led by Doctor Ahmed Rami Hamed, study each and every case with in depth attention and develop the most effective solution.

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Doctor Hamed, an Orthopedic and Spinal surgeon based in Dubai, is working in the field of General Orthopedics and Trauma for the last 20 years with a special interest in sport injury and spinal surgery. He has gained a miraculous ability to understand the pulse of problem and plan the course of treatment in the most effective way.

We offer:

We provide the most advanced spinal surgery service based on evidence based techniques and research in the field of spinal surgery, and deals with the most critical spinal conditions amongst other orthopedics conditions. In our Dubai spinal surgery clinic we cover:

  • Spinal Surgery
  • Advanced spinal Trauma Surgery
  • Adult & childhood spinal deformities/ scoliosis — kyphosis
  • Minimally access spinal surgery (Spinal Micro discectomy, Decompression and Fusion).
  • Spinal tumors & metastasis surgery— pathological spinal fractures.
  • Minimally invasive spinal procedures (verterbroplasty/ Kyphoplasty for osteoporosis fractures & metastasis .
  • Radiology guided procedures including radio frequency ablation (RAF) of spinal primary tumors & metastasis
  • So, if you are looking for one stop trusted orthopedic treatment in Dubai at reasonable rates, please contact us or submit your inquiry, and our team will do their best to help you in the best possible way.


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