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A lot of reasons are there to have your tooth extracted and there are even more ways to replace those missing tooth’s with an artificial one, One of the ways in which you could replace the tooth you have lost is a Denture

But first what is a denture?

A denture briefly is the replacement of missing teeth (Removable Partial Denture) or the replacement of the entire teeth’s in a jaw (Complete Denture)

Dentures are usually removable but with Dental implants being a preferable solution to replace a missing tooth, Implant supported dentures came to light, and here at the best dental clinic in Dubai it’s the most preferable treatment for our patients.

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Lets start with the Removable Partial Denture which Replaces a single or multiple missing teeth.There are two types of Removable partial Dentures named behind the material being used to fabricate them:

 Acrylic removable partial denture: this is fabricated using acrylic, used to replace single or multiple teeth, it is removable and held in position with a help of a clasp that grasps a selected tooth, this acrylic partial denture could also be used after extraction of teeth in order to maintain function and/or esthetics until proper wound healing has occurred and other treatment could be done. It usually involves two visits to be complete the First visit is where our Prosthodontist will take an impression of both jaws to fabricate a mold (study Cast) then he will draw the design and set to the Dental labs technitions the position and where to place the Clasps, On the Second visit after the arrival of the Denture it will be kept in place and checked for proper fitting and stability and after assuring that the denture fits properly and is stable with no movment our Prosthodontist will check the occlusion before providing you with set of instruction to maintain and clean your new denture

  • Cobalt-Chromium Removable partial Denture: this is made from a metal frame, after minimum preparation done to the teeth in order to place the clasp’s and arms that securely hold this partial denture in position. This type of partial denture has more stability and will also support the teeth where the clasps are placed on. Here at the Dental Department at Dr.Rami Hamed center our prosthodontist will provide you with this denture in Four Visits, this number of visits is recommended to assure that you have a proper functioning well fitting denture. The First visit involves taking an impression to create a study cast on which our Prosthodontist will draw a design of the metal fram that the dental technition should follow, after that minimum removal of tooth structure for certain teeth which will support the clasps will be done and another more accurate impression will be taken , the Second visit after getting the metal frame ready from the dental lab it will be tried in your mouth and the stability will be checked also here the shade of the tooth will be selected , the third visit will be to check the occlusion and stability of the denture, the teeth here will be placed on wax if everything was perfect it will be sent back to the lab to change the wax into acrylic, and the it will be delivered on the Fourth visit 

The other type of denture’s is the complete denture which is used to replace the entire of teeths in a jaw and here there are also two types :

  • Acrylic Complete denture: This is the traditional complete denture where the patient doesn’t have any teeth left in his mouth. This denture is fabricated out of acrylic and here the stability and retention is taken from the soft tissue, here our prosthodontist will use multiple anatomical landmark in our patient’s mouth that will allow the denture to be properly and securely positioned in the mouth even during function and mastication.

The process of making a complete denture here at the best dental clinic in Dubai will take up to 5 Visits where our prosthodontist will work closely with the dental lab to assure a stable denture : The first visit our prosthodontist will make a primary impression, which will be used to create a custom tray, this custom tray will be used on the second visit is  to take the final impression on this second visit our prosthodontist will properly mark the area’s of your mouth which he will use to take the stability and retention from , before the third visit the dental lab will create a custom base and a rim which will be made out of wax and on this wax rim the teeth will be placed later these will be created from the mold of the final impression. The third visit is for what we call Jaw relation, here our prosthodontist will accurately measure, and identify the relation between your upper and lower jaw in order to create a natural artificial smile just like the one you had before on this visit the color for your artificial tooth will be selected according to your preference will keeping in mind your hair, skin and eye color. Fourth visit here after receive a wax try in with the teeth placed in the proper position according to the measurement’s our prosthodontist’s made on the third visit on this visit occlusion,esthetics and speech will be checked and it is the last chance for you as a patient to request any modification to be made, including the change of the tooth color. The fifth and last visit is the placement of the denture and making sure it properly fit and function before checking the occlusion and removing any high points, after making sure everything is up to your expectations our prosthodontist will give you list of instructions to maintain and clean your new denture.

  • Implant supported Denture: also known as an implant supported overdenture, it is a denture which is supported by dental implants. Here the dental implants are usually placed in the front of the jaw, and you will be provided a temporary denture which will not apply and force on the implants, after waiting a period of four to five months the over denture will be placed over the implants and secured into them.


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