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Dr Rajaie

Prof. Dr. Rajaie Mahran

Consultant Urologist

37 years of Urologic experience

Education: MD, Urology, FRCS (The Royal College Of Surgery London)

37 years of Urologic experience

Speciality: Urology 

About Prof. Dr. Rajaie Mahran: 

Prof. of Urology:
- Mansoura Urology and Nephrology Center (UNC)
- Chief of Urology Al-Qassemi Hospital Sharjah MOH
- Chief of Urology University Hospital Sharjah (UHS)
- Consultant Of Urology Dr. Rami Hamed Center Health Care City and Prime Hospital Dubai

Fields of experience and interest:
1- All kinds of complicated open surgical Urology Procedures in males and females.
2- Urological Oncology procedures for all kinds of urinary tract tumors.
3-Endourologic and endoscopic procedures for stones and obstructive Uropathy.
4- Prostatic ablative procedures whether resection,vaporization or Laser.
5-Urodynamic procedures for overactive bladder and incontinence.
6- Fixation of artificial Urinary sphincters and intelligent stents.
7- Andrology procedures for erectile dysfunction and penile prosthesis fixation.
8- Laparoscopic Urological procedures.
9- Infertility procedures.
10- Chronic UTI in males and Females, Adults and Kids.

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Scope of services:


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