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why-do-we-need-audiologists.pngWHY DO WE NEED AUDIOLOGIST?

The Audiologist uses specialized equipment to obtain accurate results about hearing loss. The patients are ideally tested in sound-treated rooms with calibrated equipment. The audiologist is trained to check the eardrum with an otoscope, conduct diagnostic audiological tests and check for medically-related hearing problems. Audiologists also provide:

  • Examine patients who have hearing, balance or related ear problems.
  • Correlate the results of the tests and diagnose problems.
  • Determine and administer treatment.
  • Fitting and dispensing of hearing aids.
  • Counseling for the patients and their families on ways to listen and communicate.
  • Follow up on patients regularly to check on their progress and to continue or change the treatment plan.
  • Hearing services and counseling.
  • Assistive listening devices.
  • Recommend and program implantable hearing devices, including cochlear, bone-anchored, auditory brain stem and middle ear implants.
  • Perform ear- or hearing-related surgical monitoring.
  • Design and implement hearing conservation programs and hearing screening for newborns.
  • Provide hearing rehabilitation training such as:
    • Auditory training.
    • Speechreading.
    • Listening skills' improvement.
    • Conduct research related to the causes and treatment of hearing and balance disorders.

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