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Dr.Tamer Abo-Bakr

Dr.Tamer Abo-Bakr

Specialist Urologist

Education:  M.B.B.S , MD Urology

Specialty: Urology 

About Dr. Tamer: 

Dr. Tamer Abo-Bakr is a specialist Urologist with, Clinical master's degree in urology, a member of the Egyptian Association of Urology, also a member of the European Association of Urology with more than 16 years of experience.

He graduated from MINIA university in 2004 with MBBCH in Medicine and Surgery.

 He went to complete a residency training program in Urology, then he received a master's degree in Urology and Andrology in 2012 at MINIA University, Egypt.

Consultant Urologist Dubai

 His field of experiences:

- Endoscopic urology

- Pediatric urology

- Uoro-gynecology

- Andrology




Urinary stones disease (renal, ureteric, bladder) including medical, minimally invasive, and surgical treatment.

Prostatic diseases, infection, inflammation, enlargement treatment, and early detection of cancer prostate.

Urinary bladder disorders such, inflammation, infection, overactivity, inability to control urination.

Urinary congenital anomalies in children.


Andrology ( men's health )

Management of erectile dysfunction

Management of premature ejaculation

Management infertility due to hormonal imbalance, varicocele, or other testicular problems.

Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

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