Dr. Ghadha - Breast Clinician DRHC Dubai

Dr. Ghada Hassan Suliman

General Medicine

Education: MBBS, MSc in Breast Evaluation

Speciality: General Medicine

About Dr. Ghada Suliman

Dr Ghada’s experience extends over 16 years in the field of breast health in the United Kingdom, she is an experienced breast physician and possesses advanced theoretical knowledge and clinical expertise in breast disorders, benign and malignant.

Dr. Ghada worked as a Breast Clinician in the UK NHS National Breast Screening (NHSBSP) for early detection of breast cancer from 2003 to 2019. Also, she worked as a specialist in symptomatic breast clinics at different NHS hospitals in the UK during the same period.

Dr. Ghada holds the prestigious clinical MSc degree in Breast Evaluation from Kingston University and St George’s University Hospitals in association with The Jarvis Breast Screening Centre, London, UK since 2010

Dr. Ghada is specialized in the Triple Assessment approach in the diagnosis of breast disease. She is well known for her high standard in breast evaluation and cancer detection using, mammography, breast ultrasound, and core biopsy with an exceptionally high malignancy detection rate.

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Scope of services:

Diagnosis and Management of various Breast Disorders such as:

  • Fibrocystic breast changes
  • Breast calcifications
  • Breast Cysts
  • Fibroadenomas
  • Fat necrosis and oil cysts
  • Galactocoeles (Milk cyst)
  • Breast inflammation
  • Breast infection
  • Breast Abscess and drainage
  • Benign reactive axillary lymphadenopathy
  • Nipple disorders e.g. discharge/ dermatitis
  • Intraductal papilloma
  • Duct ectasia
  • DCIS
  • Invasive breast cancers, Inflammatory breast cancer, and malignant lymphadenopathy
  • Metastasis in the breast
  • Male breast disorders and Gynaecomastia
  • Accessory (supernumerary) nipple
  • Scars
  • Radial scar and other B3 breast lesions
  • Breast cancer recurrence
  • Breast implant leak, rupture with silicon deposit lymphadenopathy

Qualifications and registration:

  • MBBS
  • Master’s degree in Breast Evaluation, Kingston University, St. George’s University Hospitals (London) and The Jarvis Breast Screening Centre (Guildford) United Kingdom
  • Member of The Association of Breast Clinicians- UK
  • Full registration with The British Medical Council (GMC)

Professional skills:

  • Breast care clinics, screening, and symptomatic.
  • Diagnosis of breast disorders using the Triple Assessment approach (history and clinical examination of breasts and axillae, imaging (mammography and breast ultrasound), and pathology via FNA and breast biopsy)
  • Grading of Triple Assessment findings (from 1 to 5) and integrating of the 3 components.
  • Clinical Breast Examination (CBE)
  • Interpretation and reporting of mammograms
  • Performing, interpreting, and reporting breast and axillary ultrasound scans
  • Clinical and US-guided cyst Aspiration
  • Clinical and US-guided abscess drainage using wide bore needle under local anesthetic
  • Breast and Axillary lymph node US-guided Fine Needle Aspiration for cytology
  • Breast and Axillary lymph node US-guided Trucut core biopsy
  • Management of breast pain and breast infection
  • Mammographic-guided core breast core biopsy (Stereotactic)
  • Wire localization of non-palpable masses and mammographic abnormalities
  • Core member of the breast Multidisciplinary Team meeting (MDT).
  • Breast Cancer follow-up clinics and Family History clinics