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Orthodontics is a specialty discipline of dentistry that focuses on alignment of the teeth and jaws to improve a person’s smile and oral health. Orthodontists will diagnose, treat and prevent irregularities of the teeth with the use of braces, which are fixed dental appliances and removable dental appliances, when the braces are removed. These devices can be used to straighten teeth, correct an irregular bite, close unsightly gaps and bring teeth and lips into proper alignment. Crooked teeth that do not fit together correctly are harder to keep clean and are at risk of being lost early because of tooth decay or periodontal disease.

3 stages of Orthodontic treatment

1. Planning stage - this will be your first couple of visit in our center. Planning includes the following:

  • Medical and dental history evaluation
  • Casting or “molds” of your teeth
  • Photograph taking of your face and mouth
  • X-ray of your teeth and jaws

2. Active stage- this stage involves visiting orthodontist in our center on a regular basis for adjustments and following specific treatment requirements to ensure successful treatment.

3. Retention stage - when treatment is completed, the braces and/ or appliances are removed a new appliance is made. Usually theses retainers are removable and /or fixed and will help to maintain the changes made to your teeth if worn as instructed.

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The treatment options used at Dr. Rami Hamed Center are as follows:

  • Metallic Braces - It is orthodontic appliances bring about various types of teeth movement. More precise teeth movement and detailing of occlusion is possible with fixed appliances. Ceramic Braces - It is more aesthetically pleasing than metallic braces and can correct the bite and occlusion similar to conventional braces.
  • Invisalign Braces or clear aligner- It is series of removable clear aligners, custom-made for your teeth, gradually move your teeth into position without the need for wires or clips. It is comfortable and do not irritate your lips or cheeks also you can remove it during meals or for home hygiene.
  • Lingual Braces - It is one of the “invisible” treatment methods. They look like conventional dental braces that have been mounted on the backside (lingual, tongue side) of your teeth. This hides them from view, making them unnoticeable to others. In our center we use Incognito Appliance System which has customized brackets, archwires and bonding trays to deliver predictable, efficient and effective treatment outcomes.
  • Removable Appliances - Removable appliances can be used as an interceptive appliance in the mixed dentition for short, simple treatment. They can produce efficient over-bite reduction in a growing child. This encourages healthy oral development and minimizes the need for lengthy or invasive treatments after the child’s mouth grows and matures. They are removable and therefore easier to clean.


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