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Ensuring Effective Recovery of Patients from Injuries


  • Exercise therapy is a method of treatment for helping the patients recover from common as well as complex injuries and conditions. Even though this method of treatment is often confused with physical therapy, the two are quite different.
  • The primary objective of exercise therapy is to restore the normal musculoskeletal functioning of the patients and provide relief from pain around the injury site.
  • The therapy comprises of well planned set of physical activities, basic exercises and stretches to help the patients achieve specific therapeutic objectives, which can enhance their recovery process.

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Types of Exercise Therapy

  • Exercise therapy can be of different types based on the exact type and extent of the injury suffered by the patients. For some patients it might involve more movement and less sitting while for others it might be vice versa.
  • In some cases, the therapy might also be rendered by asking the patients to lift weights, jog or even get on a bike. However, irrespective of the type of therapy, the ultimate objective remains the same, namely improving the overall health and well-being of the patients.
  • In fact, most therapists use the treatment method not only to promote an active lifestyle amongst the patients but also to encourage a change in their behaviour and improve their overall lifestyle.

Benefits of Exercise Therapy

  • Having learnt about the two basic aspects of exercise therapy, namely how it is done and for whom it is done, it is time to learn about the various benefits offered by this therapy. 
  • As mentioned before, the therapy helps in promoting an active lifestyle amongst the patients. This is based on the fact that physical activity and physical fitness are the key parameters for ensuring lifelong health and well being of an individual.
  • In fact, leading an active lifestyle is known to deeply influence the various other aspects of everyday life. It is known even to influence the mental health of an individual, especially in the advanced years. That is why the concept of using of exercise therapy for mental health is becoming quite popular. 

Apart from enhancing the mental health of an individual, exercise therapy also proves effective in reducing fatigue and improving the cardiac function of an individual. The use of exercise therapy in physiotherapy is also becoming quite common as it is known to yield better results in terms of speed and efficiency of patient recovery.  Given these diverse benefits offered by exercise therapy it is not surprising that this treatment method is being preferred for patients, who not only seek a faster recovery from their injury.


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