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Dubai Pediatric Clinic
Dr Bachir

Dr. Bachir Jumaa

Pediatrician, American Board Certified

International Consultant for Vaccines

Specialties: General Pediatrics, Vaccinations, Developmental Assessment, Serious Pediatric Cases

About Dr. Bachir Jumaa

Pediatrician, American Board Certified, International Consultant for Vaccines

  • MD, American Board, ABOP, AAP, IPA, UMEMPS, SAMA
  • Senior Consultant for 18 years in Al Noor Hospital

Dr. Bachir Jumaa, is a Pediatrician with many years of experience working in Dubai Health Care City.

  • He has done his MD from Damascus University with specialization in Pediatrics.
  • Arab Board Certification from Ministry of Higher Education
  • Fellowship of Children's Hospital in Los Angeles and qualified from American Board of Pediatrics in 1995
  • In Damascus, he has worked in prestigious hospitals like Children Hospital of Ministry of Higher Education, Al Nour Hospital and in Al Raja Hospital. During that, he has involved in teaching the resident doctors, handling and managing various Pediatric and Neonatal cases and providing all facets of Pediatric care.
  • In 2008, he started research working with a group earn USA patent 09/480891 in treatment of Autoimmune disorders
  • He gained vast experience with many special trainings like Allergic Testing and Immunotherapy, Information Technology Service of Medicine, Biostatic, Growth Monitoring in Children, NPR, PALS and so on
  • He is involved in meeting of American Academy of Pediatrics, International Pediatric Association, Syrian Pediatric Association and Syrian Neonatal Association
  • He authored many books (Guidelines of Neonatal Resuscitation for NICU, Guidelines on How to deal with your children for mothers and Essential guidelines in ED for SKHMP) and wrote more than 30 articles and medical papers.

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Special Interest 

  • Nutrition and Breastfeeding
  • Asthma and Allergic Cases
  • Failure to Thrive
  • Obesity

Special Experties & Services

  • Follow-Up the People with Special Needs
  • Enhance Intellectual Development
  • Autism and ADHD
  • Behavioral Disorder


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