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Dubai Dermatology Clinic
Dr Radha

Dr. Radha Lachhiramani

General Medical Practitioner

Education: MBBS , DCD, Masters in Clinical Dermatology and Cosmetology from University of Cardiff, UK

Dr. Radha Lachhiramani - General Practitioner

Dubai Dermatology Clinic, Dr. Radha Lachhiramani, General Practitioner, scored 2nd place in Board certification of Aesthetic Medicine 2008 from American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine USA, took up Masters in Clinical Dermatology from University of Cardiff, UK.

She’s also a GMC (UK) registered Medical Practitioner and International fellowship of the American Academy of Dermatology. 

She has been a recipient of numerous scholarships locally and internationally and  has participated in numerous National and International Conferences.

She is well experienced in  dermatological procedures such as cryo-surgery, excisions, acne scar revision, cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillers, botox, PRP,  mesotherapy, thread lifts, lasers, micro-needling, chemical peels and performs skin biopsies.

Dr. Radha shows special interest in Infectious Diseases, Allergies, Wart treatment, Scar Treatment, Hair Loss Management, Anti-Ageing therapy, Psoriasis, Blistering Diseases and Laser Treatments.

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Scope of services:
  • Laser skin resurfacing for acne and surgical scarring

  • Soft tissue fillers for cheek, lips, chin augmentation/ face reshaping

  • Botox for treating wrinkles

  • Laser hair removal

  • Laser for treating Active Acne/ rosacea on face

  • Laser reduction and elimination of veins on face and legs

  • Mesotherapy for face, hair and body

  • Body sculpting by laser (contouring)

  • Face lift by threads

  • Treatment of Melasma and uneven skin color

  • Removal of Cysts, warts, corns and other skin lesions

  • Chemical peels for healthier skin

  • Photo rejuvenation

I appreciate Dr.Radha for the extra care given for cosmetic visit like checking patients general health by taking vital signs. And the gentleness given by doctor and derma assistants while performing the procedures are awesome. I liked over all cleanliness and total care given , which was really a new experience for me in derma treatment .

Ms. Kari
Receptionist was quick and professional. The nurse that attended to me was very sweet,caring and professional (exact qualities a nurse must have). All staff were quick and diligent, starting from the reception till the pharmacy. All staff were wonderful. I highly recommend this clinic.
Sarah D
I recommend this center for laser hair reduction. They use modern machines compared to the other centers I tried and their specialist "lorella" is experienced and ensures what's best for her patients.
Na Ibr