Dental Clinic in Dubai - Inlay, Onlay and Overlay

Inlays & Onlays are considered as indirect restoration, in which we mean that these restorations will be custom fabricated in the dental lab.These restorations are used to restore teeth facing high forces of mastication, in other words the teeth in the back of the mouth which have had a cavity with a mild to moderated width but the tooth is not severely damaged to require a crown.  First we should know the difference between these two terms :

  • Inlay :it’s an indirect restoration which will be fabricated outside the mouth in the dental lab from varies material, then properly cemented on the tooth to restore a tooth cavity, the tip of the tooth ( cusps) won’t be restored.


  • Onlay: Same as an inlay the only difference here that one or more tips of the tooth ( cusp) will be restored with this indirect restoration

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Here at the best dental clinic in Dubai we consider your tooth as a diamond which in our turn we try to preserve it in your mouth for your entire life, here these indirect restorations helps our team of dentist’s in performing this task, but first when do you need these Indirect restorations ?

Inlays & Onlay are used when:

  1. There is a previous large restoration, and the tooth is weakened by the absences of enough tooth structure
  2. A Root canal treated tooth, but with enough healthy tooth structure that we try to preserve rather than sacrifice in crown preparation
  3. A caries tooth in areas where the force of mastication is high and there will be risk of fracture of a direct composite filling or the tooth

After knowing the indication’s, what are the advantages of our Inlays & Onlays ?

  • High strength and durability : this is due to the Dental lab we deal with where they will use the best materials to assure a hard, non- wearing surface.
  • They help to strengthen the remaining tooth structure and prevent further complications such as fracture due to the forces of mastication
  • Combined with proper health care, we assure you that the teeth in which inlays & onlays have been placed on don’t require any further treatments in the future
  • Accurate replication of the missing tooth structure , here the Dental lab will Fabricate an indirect restoration that have the same shape and contour of the lost structure


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