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More than just well-aligned teeth

Not all people are born with that perfect straight teeth. Tilted, crowded or even spaced teeth have a direct influence on that person's personality and self–esteem. Do you want to have a beautiful straight smile?

At the Dental Department of Dr.Rami Hamed Center, our aim is to improve your smile by realigning his crooked, tilted and crowded teeth to a perfect Hollywood like arranged teeth. We also focus on the growth modification, the proper alignment and the size of the growing jaws of your loved ones to provide an adequate space within the jaws to anchor their teeth.

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Our team contains the best orthodontists in Dubai whom will assure you to have that great, healthy, well-arranged teeth . These results will occur due to the proper care our team provides for each case. After reaching to the proper diagnosis and figuring out the problem our orthodontist will give the ideal treatment for yours. Not that only we are armed with the latest technologies and materials to allow you the best treatment, we will do our best that you enjoy the result.


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